a Muse of Fire 
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A Muse of Fire's premier season

The Tragedy of Boudicca  March 29th
at Topa Mountain Winery, Ojai

Summer Teen Conservatory July-Aug 2019

The Three Sisters/Homecoming  November 2019

These were taken from readings in 2018

The choices were:

Lysistrata by Aristophanes to be transformed into a modernized version incorporating style, movement, physicality, and vocalization. Will be retitled and restructured. Modernized themes of war, feminism/Me Too movement, and how gender roles collide in struggles of communication, needs, power, and authenticism.

The Three Sisters by Chekhov to be transformed into a contemporary setting with additional scenes, creating a play within a play and subsequent roles for more actors. The setting will take place in a home for aging film/theater stars and will focus on themes of feelings of displacement, effects of aging, illusions/distortions of reality, incorporated with non-linear elements. Humor will be intermixed with poignancy and relevancy.

The Birth of Merlin by Rowley & author unknown (Shakespeare/Kyd/?)   a little-known play of the 1600s which has three distinct socio-economic class systems. Part fable, part Arthurian influenced, and part love/power story, it is a Jacobean comedy with dramatic effects.

The Love of Three Oranges/Julius Caesar by Gozzi/Shakespeare    to be transformed into a mash-up proposed title:  “Orange Julius Caesar Salad.”   The first is a commedia dell arte fable by Gozzi, with fantasy elements. The second is not. Combining a light-hearted physical comedic fantasy with a Shakespearean tragedy of power and politic, the piece will strive to uplift, entertain, and move the audience. A chorus may also be introduced, establish three distinct theater styles (Commedia, Shakespeare & Greek). While Ojai is known for its’ oranges, there can be written in local references. Intended to be a collaborative satirical company project.

The Tragedy of Boudicca- full-length verse play
As a historical verse play, revolving around the life of Celtic warrior queen, Boudicca, this play has contemporary and timeless themes that search for an answer to a long lasting question, often throwing the characters into individual and societal turmoil, struggling for a foothold of understanding what is right for themselves, “after having been violated, what would it take for a person to seek forgiveness and not vengeance?”

O for a Muse of fire,
                                             that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention,

A kingdom for a stage, princes to act
And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!